Commitment to Decolonisation

The Renters And Housing Union operates and advocates on stolen land, and supports the continued struggle for Land Back and true political and material power in the hands of the many Indigenous nations across so called “Australia”. As a union we acknowledge the Elders and Warriors from across these nations and their unceded sovereignty and right to self determination.

In our constitution the Renters and Housing Union states:

32 Commitment to decolonisation

  • (1) 10% of the Union’s total gross income must be donated to a First Nations run and focused organisation(s) every financial quarter.
  • (2) At such a time as a current First Nations organisation dissolves receiving donations, or the Union membership would like to elect an alternative organisation or organisations to donate funds to
    • (a) This must be done with the advice and direction of a First Nations Committee of members from the Union.
    • (b) If a First Nations Committee does not select First Nations organisation(s) to donate to within 30 days, advice must be sought from First Nations organisations and decided at the next Governing Committee.

Our historical donations are the following:

  • Black Peoples Union – 2024 – present “The Black Peoples Union is a revolutionary organisation that aims to empower Indigenous people in Australia through the pursuit of full self-determination and sovereignty. We believe that as sovereign Indigenous people we have the right to manage our own political, social, and economic affairs as we see fit, without interference from outside forces.”
  • Pay the Rent – 2021 – 2024 – “Pay The Rent program is organised by First Nations and non-First Nations people working together, as the Pay The Rent Grassroots Collective. This Collective is based on the lands of the Kulin Nation in Victoria, Australia, however we are a national organisation.”