What are RAHU dues?

$0-$30/month depending on your circumstances. Paying dues is our collective way to demonstrate our commitment to the union. RAHU is run by its members: volunteers. All decisions, including financial, are made by the union democratically. All members can vote and participate in decision making. 10% of our total income goes to our Decolonisation Fund. Major ongoing operational union costs include administrative fees, insurance, outreach material, and software subscriptions. Union members are welcome to audit the union, i.e. see our finances, independently and via our audit committee.

RAHU grants First Nations members optional free membership in solidarity with the great displacement they have faced on the lands we organise on.

Do I get a service for my dues?

RAHU is not a service, we are a group of people with experience in insecure housing who work collectively to affect change and benefit all tenants across the continent called Australia

We do however have a team as part of our RRT (Renters Rights Team) whose role is a mutual aid effort to educate members on their rights, support self advocacy, answer questions, and on occasion represent members. Contact the Renters Rights Team here.

What if I cant afford my dues?

We believe that our dues are set up to be affordable by most, we understand the cost of living pressures being faced by people (of which housing is a massive contributing factor), however, if you find your self in a situation where $12 a year is more than you can afford, we believe that money should never come between anyone and their union, simply email [email protected] and request dues forgiveness and they have the power to wipe any debts and return you to good standing status.