RAHU Public Campaigns


Save Public Housing – save viable public housing from demolition, and expand public stock.

We need artists and designers to help us come up with images that educate the wider public on the importance of retaining, repairing, and reinvesting in Public Housing.

We want eye catching images that capture the ethical, economic, political issue of Public Housing, and why it affects passers by who may have never thought about the issue.

Read more about poster requirements and direction, as well as submit images here or send to [email protected].

Heating and Cooling Survey – safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable minimum standards.

Fill out our Heating and Cooling Survey here – results will come out in May 2024.

We are gathering stories and statistics from people across Australia show the need for change to decision makers. As we are going further and further into a housing, cost of living, and climate crisis the time is now to drive home the need for consistent protections across the continent.

We know that extreme weather kills people every year, heat waves are currently the biggest environmental killer there is. We need to collectively demand that our lives be taken seriously and that we cannot kick these issues down the road any more.

Our demands for this campaign are:

• Ceiling insulation – keep extreme weather out
• Draught sealing – no draughts
• Ventilation – fly screens in good condition
• Hot Water – affordable and environmentally friendly
• Cooling – fans or air-con depending on insulation

Join our Union to get involved in this and future campaigns at rahu.org.au/join – the more of us there are, the further we can push!