Roofs For Ransom – 12 Month Report

Executive Summary An analysis of RAHU casework notes identified a number of major reasons why renters had sought RAHU assistance, as well as the key demographic groups represented in our casework. Rental Stress 91% of renters were in rental stress. […]

Roofs For Ransom – COVID19 Rental Survey Preliminary Report

Background ‘COVID-19 may end up being this generation’s Great Depression. The determinants of health, and how they are distributed, should be our guiding measure of a successful Australia as we rebuild from COVID-19’ – Friel & Demaio, 2020 Since COVID-19 […]

Campaign Brief: Extend the Eviction Ban

Download: RAHU Campaign Brief: Extend the Eviction Ban (PDF) On March 28th, the temporary protections Victorian renters have enjoyed are set to end, yet the economic effects of the pandemic are continuing. As 2 million renters in Victoria, we are […]

The end of the eviction ban – what’s next for renters?

Changes to Residential Tenancies Act – from March 29th 2021  There are few changes or amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, known as the Residential Tenancies Act Amendments (RTAA).  These changes will come into effect from March 29th, 2021.This list […]

Bleeding people dry: The Need to Cancel Debt

The Moratorium – No Evictions? As it currently stands, you can’t be evicted with a Notice To Vacate until March 29th, 2021. That said, there have been loopholes landlords have used to force renters out of their home during the […]