The Great Triumph that Saved a Public Asset

Written by RAHU member Matt Bolin Whilst you may be curious of the relevance my next article has toward housing, the nucleus that the Renters And Housing Union stands for. The answer to that question lies within the very achievement […]

Understanding Australia and its relationship with property investment.

The current housing crisis we are facing is one of the biggest we’ve seen in generations. Homelessness is almost at great depression era heights and no doubt will continue to spike before it reduces, It would be a fair comment to say this government and successive governments have failed to foresee this potential recipe for disaster as a subsequent result of short-sighted policies and excess indulgence on the whole concept of investment property wealth in Australia.

The Barak Beacon Finale

Friday 18th of August 2023 was the last day of the Save Barak Beacon campaign. A campaign led by various miscellaneous political parties, groups, and organisations, including RAHU, who came together to stop the destruction of the eponymous public housing […]

AUKUS, no budget for housing, billions for war.

RAHU members join in solidarity with the community groups calling for the Federal Government to cancel the AUKUS submarine deal. As the rate of people in this country sleeping on the streets continues to rise, $368 BILLION is being spent […]

Portugal’s Public Housing and rent reform

Report from International Union of Tenants World Conference, Lisbon, Portugal Eirene Tsolidis Noyce – April 2023 During the International Union of Tenants World Conference, delegates were provided the opportunity to visit one of Lisbon’s newest public housing projects. This project […]

Report from the IUT World Conference

RAHU attended our first world Congress of the International Union of Tenants in Lisbon Portugal, as a new member of the IUT. I was honoured to be able to attend as an international Delegate, and speak on a panel about our organisation, and our challenges in the Australian housing crisis.

Climate Action for Safe Housing

Melbourne’s rapidly growing outer suburbs in the North and West are being built on floodplains that get re-zoned for residential housing for huge windfall profits. With skyrocketing housing prices and falling wages these outer suburbs are some of the only places many people can afford.