RAHU Delegates

What is a RAHU delegate?

You might ask your self, what is a union delegate? Well in the case of RAHU, our delegates are the representatives for the members of the union. They talk to local members, facilitate meetings, and vote on their behalf within the Governing Committee. Basically, they help keep the union democratic and make sure local issues are heard.

They may also organise local events and campaigns on behalf of their branch, contact new members to welcome them to the union.

How do you become a delegate?

You must be voted in by a branch during a branch meeting as recorded in official minutes, you must be a member in good standing (meaning paid any dues associated with your membership type), and you must participate in delegate training (organised by other delegates or union office bearers)

How much work does a delegate do?

Workload is highly variable, but in truth the answer is as much as they want to – positions are held on a volunteer basis. Minimum requirements for the positions are around 3 hours a month, but there is never a lack of work to do for those who are passionate and able.

Minimum requirements to maintain a position are:

  • Calling a branch meeting at least once every two months (suggested every month).
  • Making sure the agenda and minutes are backed up and available for members to see.
  • Attending a monthly Governing Committee meeting to vote on behalf of branch members.

Suggested activities of delegates that help grow the branch and union:

  • Phonebanking new members and inviting them to union events.
  • Supporting members find appropriate information for rental issues.
  • Organising branch activities to foster a community.
  • Run local campaigns around issues important to the branch.
  • Organise catering (paid for by the union) for branch events and meetings.

What about members without a local branch?

All members without a local branch are considered part of the GMB (General Member Branch), so they can become GMB delegates who do the same thing minus local issues. Instead they may do things like seed new branches or run events online.

The GMB holds a meeting once per month which is open for all members to attend without a local branch. For a list of branches, check out our contact page.