The Negligent NSW Government Killed Mhey Yumol Jasmin

The Negligent NSW Government Killed Mhey Yumol Jasmin
Renters and Housing Union

19 June 2024

On June 1st at 1pm, the NSW Government killed Mhey Yumol Jasmin through gross negligence; their failure to fix a long-term gas leakage caused a severe explosion in a public-owned senior living community. They also injured 5 other people and caused the collapse of 5 homes. The government has a long history of providing criminally unsafe housing, and it is incomprehensible that such a serious build-up of gas happened without criminal negligence on the government’s part.

The scale of the damage caused by the government’s negligence in Whalan, a suburb near Mt Druitt, is catastrophic and cannot be ignored. Mhey suffered a horrific death, she was alive and trapped, screaming in the rubble following the explosion. Continued gas leakage and an underground fire delayed a rescue response. Two elderly residents were pulled from the rubble and rushed to the hospital along with three other injured individuals. The explosion blew out windows in the surrounding homes and rattled houses 10km away. Five homes were completely destroyed, and twelve people were evacuated as the damage made their homes dangerous to live in. Mhey Yumol Jasmin’s mother waited in the rain all night while the rescuers continued to search the wreckage of her home, only to find her daughter was dead. The events that day are unbearable and outrageous and cannot be allowed to be swept under the rug by the government.

The families have been forcibly displaced from their community and many of their belongings destroyed. There were repeated complaints from residents and visitors about the smell of gas, and two visits were made by contractors that were supposed to fix the problem. Several victims said that they were routinely ignored or would not hear back when reporting issues likening it to talking to a “brick wall”. The government is currently investigating, but they have acknowledged that their response times “have deteriorated”.

The NSW government has a legal duty to uphold the human right to safe and secure housing for all. However, it has consistently failed in this duty. For decades, they have provided criminally unsafe living conditions for residents, leading to repeated tragedies and ongoing neglect of familys’ safety. Severe mould, rat and cockroach infestation, structural dampness, dangerous temperatures, and unsafe utilities are just some of the incredibly common issues faced by residents. Furthermore, Mhey Yumol Jasmin was a visitor at the complex, not a resident, which shows the extreme danger that the government’s negligence poses to not just public housing residents but the community at large. 

We have been in contact with Mhey’s family and are promoting their fundraiser to cover costs from the fallout of Mhey’s death. Please donate what you can in this trying time.

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