“A drop in the ocean while renters drown” Melbourne CBD rents down, regional rents and empty homes up.


Domain’s recently released March Rental Report shows Melbourne CBD rents declining yet in the same report outer Melbourne suburbs and regional rents are steeply rising, as nationally rents are at an all time high.

While the Victorian 12 month moratorium provided a ban on rent increases, landlords have still raised rents in outer suburbs by 3.7% and in regions rents are up by 10% in the last year.

In another recent report, Domain found that vacant homes in inner Melbourne are also at an all time high of 11.5% while rough sleepers are still waiting for longer term tenancies after emergency accommodation dries out.

RAHU strongly affirms 

  • A place to live shouldn’t be at the mercy of market forces.
  • If your landlord attempts to increase your rent by over 1% from what you’re currently paying, we can challenge it together.

Quotes attributable to: Eirene Tsolidis Noyce, Secretary, Renters And Housing Union

These rental prices are a drop in the ocean while renters drown.
We are fighting back with our regional members to challenge these rent hikes before local renters are pushed out of their homes.

It’s not supply and demand, it’s the right to shelter. 

When we are being made homeless for profit it’s clear the housing system is broken. Our members are fighting back to fix it until everyone can afford a stable home.

Quotes attributable to: Mitch Alexander, RAHU Organiser

This price drop is relative: it’s still out of reach for too many people.
A place to live shouldn’t be at the mercy of market forces

J.R. Hewitt
Media and Communications Officer
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