Fund-raising with RAHUligan art

RAHU is full of amazing artists and designers, so we’ve asked some them to create posters for us to assist in fund raising for the union. Paying for office space, supplies, subscriptions etc, costs us a fairly large amount every month, which is mostly paid for with member dues – however having some of the lowest dues of any Australian union can sometimes mean struggling to bring in enough for the tasks ahead of us.

We’re so grateful to have so much amazing artwork donated to the union but we realise our artists need to pay their own rent too, so we’ve offered them a 30% cut on ever sale of these posters (which they can accept or donate freely)

All of them had the same brief, a high resolution piece that says something about housing justice or strength of unity – something to inspire, to amuse, to add a bit of union spirit to our comrades walls.

These artworks are now available in our RAHU store and can be bought in A5, A4, or A3. They are priced to raise funds for the continued struggle for housing justice across Australia, and to give a fair cut to the artists. Each store listing provides a link to the artists social media page, please support our artists where you can.

If you’re a member and want to donate artwork, send us an email to [email protected] or get in touch on the Union Discord!

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Harry Millward, RAHU Secretary