Past media releases

RAHU member interviewed on Triple R

Renter and RAHU Unionist Paddy was interviewed on Triple R’s ‘Breakfasters’ program on the 11th of August, 2020. He makes a great case for radical unionism during the global health crisis.

‘Rent Squeeze’ on the 7:30 Report

RAHU members Eirene, Alisha & Michelle were interviewed on ABC 7.30, broadcast Thursday 18th of June.

‘Rental Stress’ interview on Hack, Triple J

RAHU member Seb was interviewed by Triple J Hack in June about the real struggle we’re facing in this economic climate.

Overland article

‘Why We Need A Militant Renters Union’ by Paddy Gordon.

Lock Out The Landlords!

A zine history of Australian eviction resistance 1929-1936. Written and researched by Iain McIntyre.

Black Power in Redfern

Article by Gary Foley (2001) about the coalition of young Indigenous activists who emerged in Redfern, Fitzroy and South Brisbane in the period immediately after Charles Perkins’ ‘Freedom Ride’ in 1965.

Sydney’s anti-eviction movement: Community or Conspiracy?

Article by Nadia Wheatly and Drew Cottle which covers the eviction rebellion campaign conducted by the Unemployed Workers Union in 1931.