Temporary closure to new Renters Rights tickets.

Our volunteer Renters Rights Committee (RRC) assists renters every day to know their rights, take appropriate actions to protect them selves from unscrupulous landlords and agents, and support renters to self advocate.

Last week we discovered a glitch in our system which meant that their messages were no longer reaching those who needed help – this is obviously distressing for both the RRC who have selflessly given their time time to help others, as well as those who were seeking advice.

The system has been fixed thanks to our equally wonderful Operations Committee who keep the machines running, however this has now put us in the position where we have more work to do than the RRC can manage without risk of burnout. We will have to go through and manually resend emails from the last few weeks.

As such the RRC has voted to close new tickets for 30 days (until April 20th), while not ideal, it is important to protect the team or we would be facing an even more dire situation.

Members who want advice from other members should join the discord and reach out on the #renters-support channel

For members interested in volunteering some time to help the union and renters all across Australia, we assist with training, you just need to be able to read, communicate, and have an interest in renters rights – if that’s you, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Harry, RAHU Secretary.