AUKUS, no budget for housing, billions for war.

RAHU members join in solidarity with the community groups calling for the Federal Government to cancel the AUKUS submarine deal.

As the rate of people in this country sleeping on the streets continues to rise, $368 BILLION is being spent on nuclear submarines. Experts say that the submarines won’t even be constructed for another 20 years and will very likely be obsolete by the time they hit the water. This is nothing more than an expensive gesture to keep our imperial hegemons content. Getting people out of poverty must be a priority of any government; warmongering should not.

That $368 billion could be put towards the half a trillion dollars we need to build, and spot-purchase and renovate the 1,000,000 public homes we require to deal with the projected 2040 housing-stress rates while retaining, repairing, and reinvesting existing public homes! We could end the housing crisis, or we could have a bunch of scrap metal.

The government is prioritising the scrap metal.