BREAKING: Eviction Ban Extended signals the road ahead for affordable housing

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BREAKING: Eviction Ban Extended signals the road ahead for affordable housing

The Renters And Housing Union (VIC) welcomes the recent announcement of the COVID19 Legislation extension to March 2021. We are relieved that the government has extended this much needed eviction ban. Extended tenancy protections will give millions of renters more time, and the much needed safety net to stay at home. However, there is still a long road to go.

Rent reductions and negotiations through the dispute settlement process remain protracted. Further oversight is needed to ensure renters won’t be faced with deferred debt at the end of this crisis.

In our recent COVID19 3 Month Review and PAEC Submission, RAHU recommended that:

“The heightened COVID19 second wave required the urgent extension of these measures, yet it is critical that further expansion and longer term solutions are made to ensure the protection and security of housing for renters beyond the COVID19 crisis.”

RAHU will continue to support renters for the right to safe and affordable housing throughout COVID19 and beyond.

Quotes attributable to: Eirene Tsolidis Noyce – Secretary

This announcement is a great example of what we can achieve together when we have our voices heard. We are grateful to our members who have shared their stories and helped us communicate the urgency of this extension.

No matter when the moratorium ends, we will continue to push for safe and secure housing beyond this crisis.

This crisis has lifted the lid on a longstanding issue of housing security, where the rental market has been left unchecked for far too long. We welcome this extension, and will continue to push for the expansion of renters rights to ensure affordable housing for all. 

This will help keep renters in their homes, yet there is more to be done. We will continue to push for oversight in negotiations and long term solutions to housing insecurity. 

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The Renters And Housing Union (VIC) is a newly formed, member-run Union of renters and people in precarious housing. We organise collectively to fight for the right to safe and secure housing through self-advocacy, education, and frontline eviction defence.

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