REIV reckless refusal demonstrates bad faith and puts renters at risk


In response to the government’s road map for Victoria released on Sunday, the REIV has recklessly instructed its members to “refuse” instructions from the State Government to negotiate in “good faith”.

RAHU urges the government to take immediate action by creating necessary regulations for rent reductions, or see the disastrous effects of this bad faith behaviour by the real estate industry.

The REIV’s official position confirms what we’ve experienced for years – landlords and real estate agents wilful misconstruing of the law for their own benefit. Their bad faith actions have caused significant distress and dislocation to renters across the country.

RAHU demands the government enact:

  • An amnesty on rental payments for tenants with no income due to COVID19
  • All rental debts accrued due to the impacts of the pandemic are to be forgiven with no fault or penalty 
  • New and existing rent reduction agreements to be below 30% of tenants’ income as projected in September and to persist for the length of the pandemic.
  • Penalties to apply to landlords, agents and agencies who infringe upon renters rights

Quotes attributable to: Eirene Tsolidis Noyce – Secretary RAHU

This demands immediate action by the government to ensure the safety and security of thousands of Victorian renters, who may be forced to skip meals with these further delays in mediation.

We have experienced agents stalling our requests for reductions for months, but now the REIV has publicly flouted the guidelines of ‘good faith’. 

The COVID19 crisis has shown us the importance of the human right to a home,  it’s high time this industry was regulated to ensure security to millions of renters. 

J.R. Hewitt
Media and Communications Officer
Contact: [email protected]

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