RAHU’s 10 demands: 3 Month Review of the COVID-19 Omnibus Legislation

The Renters 3 Month Review outlines the issues renters faced during the first three months of the COVID-19 Omnibus legislation, and demonstrates the necessity of legislation extension and further amendments to avoid a wave of evictions in September.

Recommendations from the review: RAHU’s 10 demands

  1. An immediate and indefinite rent amnesty as long as the economic and health impacts of the pandemic continue.
  2. An immediate 12-month eviction ban preceding an independent evaluation of social and legal outcomes.
  3. Forgive all rental debts accrued due to the impacts of the pandemic with no fault or penalty.
  4. New and existing rent reduction agreements must be below 30% of tenants’ income and should persist for the length of the pandemic.
  5. Rent reductions, not deferrals.
  6. Renters in financial hardship who wish to break their lease shall recover their bond in full and have standard lease-breaking fees waived.
  7. A transparent and proportionate punitive response to landlords, agents and agencies who refuse to negotiate with renters in good faith, breach their duties and violate renters’ rights.
  8. Removal of Victoria Police from COVID-19 responses. The COVID-19 health crisis necessitates a healthcare and community driven response, not a carceral or military response.
  9. The Victorian Government to decontaminate existing unoccupied dwellings, with these to be used for quarantine and isolation for all who are affected, including homeless and displaced people.
  10. The State government to commit to improve and expand public housing. An end to the private-sector community-housing rort.

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Renters and Housing Union Victoria is a newly formed rank-and-file union for renters and people in precarious housing. We organise collectively to fight for the right to safe and secure housing through self-advocacy, education, and frontline eviction defence.