Sign the Petition – RAHU Demands an Immediate Extension to the Eviction Ban!

 The COVID19 crisis is far from over in Victoria, yet the measures of relief for millions of renters are running out. We need an urgent extension and expansion of the COVID19 Omnibus Legislation eviction moratorium.


We demand:

1. The eviction moratorium be extended and broadened until September 2021

2. An amnesty on rental payments must be enacted for renters to be financially able to stay at home.

3. All rental debts accrued are to be forgiven with no fault or penalty.

4. New and existing rent reduction agreements must be below 30% of tenants’ income as projected in September and to persist for the length of the pandemic.

5. Penalties must be applied to landlords, agents and agencies who refuse to negotiate rental agreements in good faith; and or; who infringe upon our rights as renters

Why is this important?

Thousands of us are still being stalled in negotiating a rent reduction, and are facing eviction in coming weeks.At the end of September the much needed Jobseeker and JobKeeper payments will be slashed.
At the same time, the COVID19 Omnibus eviction moratorium is set to end.
For those of us who were already struggling to stay afloat we will be expected to live on $3 a week.
While we’re expected to stay home, we need to make sure we have a secure home to stay in.The COVID19 pandemic demands long term solutions. Deferring the problem only exacerbates the crisis.Time is running out.

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  1. Dear Rahu could another box be added that allows persons who have been evicted to tick re the survey?

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