Locked down and at risk of eviction: RAHU continues to urgently call on state and federal governments to support renters

What RAHU members have to say: 

Snap lockdowns are now a routine public health measure, so it doesn’t make sense that we don’t have comprehensive and abiding policies and legislative frameworks in place at both state and federal levels to keep people safe. 

My sense is that attitudes toward public health orders are shifting in no small part because people can’t realistically shelter in place, without warning, over and over (or indefinitely, in the case of NSW) when their basic needs aren’t met.

Alvis, RAHU member

Rents haven’t changed since we got out of the last lockdown, and also there’s not even a moratorium anymore to protect us. Casual workers have been hit hard and are now losing work at a moment’s notice, but they’re still expected to pay rent for the week.  If we are going to be constantly going in and out of lockdowns, we need protections, a moratorium, and support.

Additionally, the messaging is highly confusing about where support is available. No idea where to go if you lose money, especially because it’s means tested to hell. 

Rent reductions are also something we want to have, especially because the commercial renters have managed to get one.

Members of RAHU Inner Melbourne branch

It’s a bit rich for endless politicians and media pundits with secure homes and incomes to be smug about those angry about lockdown. Really easy to lecture others about staying home when you’re not faced with poverty and homelessness if you don’t go to work.

Nick, RAHU member

What petition signatories have to say:

I signed because my daughter who is sixty Y/O and can only obtain casual work which does not pay enough to pay rent on suitable accommodation. This worries me greatly. I never thought my children would have to suffer like this.

– Judith W

Rinsing the savings account, burning the super to pay rent – had 1 job offer in the last 6months ( suitable for my needs & skills ) since i lost my ‘gig’ role last year. Do not qualify for further assistance.

– M M

J.R. Hewitt
Media and Communications Officer
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